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I'm Frederik van den Berg, a professional photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Whether hiking, traveling or lost, I look at the world with a curious eye.

I provide editorial and commercial photography for a range of clients. My projects have covered outdoor & travel photography, architecture & interiors, product & food, aerial (drone) photography, amongst others.

I'm always looking to explore new avenues, take new adventures, and to discover unique stories to tell.

I am available for Commercial and Editorial photography assignments worldwide.


Alpine landscapes throughout the seasons.

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Nighttime on Flüelapass

Outdoor & Travel Photography

Exploring new places and experiencing new tastes, sights and sounds.
Everybody loves it, and everybody wants to do it.

I help local brands and tourism destinations create an image that motivates us to move, to go out and explore. 

Whether through editorial photography, commissions for tourism marketing, or licensing of my stock images, I'm always eager to explore the new and revisit the old.

Architecture & Interiors


If I'm not outside on a mountain I'm probably inside on a mountain, photographing chalets and fancy villas in the Alps or in the city.

Cozy, rustic, modern, wood, rock - you name it, I'll capture it. 

Bed & Table

Modern, Rustic, Alpine?

I work with Interior Designers, Real Estate Agencies, Hotels, and Luxury Holiday Travel companies to provide representative imagery that shows inviting angles of each property.

Aerial Photography

I spent three years driving, hiking, and climbing the the highest viewpoints around Zürich, just to get the right angle. Trees, lamp posts, buildings - something was always in the way.
Now I find an opening, attach propellers, and send my camera in the air to capture all the views I could ever ask for. 

Aerial (drone) photography is now an essential part of visual marketing for resorts, hotels, and real estate. I've also worked with editorial clients to show a bigger picture. Whatever your project, I'll be happy for any excuse to fly my drones.

A different perspective...

Dolder Grande Hotel

Aerial Photography for Editorial & Commercial Licensing

Providing a sense of place is essential to telling a captivating story. Aerial imagery allows for new perspectives and interesting viewpoints. With recent technological advances these perspectives are easily both affordable and easily attainable.

Aerial Photography for Hotels & Tourism Destinations

Visual triggers are essential to destination marketing, and drone photography is a perfect way to showcase a destination or property nestled into its environment. Recent commissions have included single properties to entire villages. 

Product & Food Photography

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Putting action into your brand.

Food & Drink Photography

In a bar, on a table, in the kitchen, on the floor - food & drink can look good anywhere with a few props and spot of light. I take an editorial approach to show food in a natural and intriguing way.

Product Photography & Staging

Some products need context to look good. When shooting product photography I prefer to set a scene that looks good and feels right. 

Products & Services in Action

Actions often speak louder than words, especially when your business is about interactions with customers. Whether a personal trainer, pilates instructor, or a yoga retreat- potential clients love to see what they are signing up for. 

A bit of Storytelling for the curious...

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I like to share stories of my adventures, my mishaps, and my recent work.

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Klöntalersee by Night

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