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Returning From Metropolitan Eden

25.12.2014 8:30AM
Christmas Morning

I was up early this morning because of jetlag- figuring there was not much I could do without making noise and waking the others, I decided to get my camera and headed for the hills. It was raining, but I couldn't quite figure out the cloud coverage because of the darkness. 

I got in the car and drove up to a place called Frohe Aussicht. 

The view was bleak; the rain was pouring, the sky was grey, and the sun was absent. There would be no nice colors this morning, but I waited anyway. 

I listened to the news as the rain trickled down. Yesterday's bank robbery was unsuccesfull and uneventful. The pope did something. There were other stories but I was quickly tuned out. The weather forecast was bleak. The news were as grey as the weather. 

"Frohe Aussicht"

"Frohe Aussicht"

Switzerland isn't quite as colorful as where I just came from. There aren't flashing lights and k-pop blasting from storefronts, no lines to wait in, no chaos to untangle. 

But as Eros Ramazotti sang whatever he sings and the raindrops slowly crawled down the window, I smiled at the thought of all the good times that were had. Though I never posted any pictures, I went on countless little adventures. I worked through some projects, and also turned back to analog. I'll have plenty to work on over the next few weeks, as I now finally have a computer with enough power to edit with. As I wait for the snow, I'll work on a thing or two. 

See you soon,