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Alpine Photography Exhibition "ALPENTRÄUME" opening Friday 7th Sept.

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I'm very excited to be opening my first solo photography exhibition on Friday 7th September, at Höschgasse 38 in Zürich. 

The exhibition features alpine photography- all images are from my adventures (and misadventures) through the Alps. The exhibition will run for 2 months until end of October.

There will be prints and framed prints for sale, as well as a few very large artworks printed on UltraHD photopaper under 2mm Acrylic glass. There are sizes and prices ranging from XS to XL, so there will be something available for everyone's budget. 

Gallery Address & Opening Times:

Gallery at the Club, AWCZ, 
Höschgasse 38, Zürich

07. Sept. - 29. Oct
10:00 to 13:00, Monday through Friday.
Additional viewing can be arranged. Please contact info@fvdb-photography.com or +41 78 753 2413

Time and Place:
7th September 2018
18.30 – 20.30
Gallery at the Club, AWCZ, 
Höschgasse 38, Zürich


Alpine Photography Exhibition
7. Sept. - 29. Oct. 2018
Gallery at the Club, AWCZ
Vernissage Fri. 7th September 18:30 – 20:30

‘Alpenträume’ is a collection of images found- often unintentionally -while wandering throughout the Alps. The dream (Traum) of an image is usually accompanied by a nightmare (Alptraum) of a quest. 

Excursions often take hours of walking, weeks of planning, and sometimes years until the right scene reveals itself. They might include falling trees, rockfall, getting lost, and surprisingly often, an encounter with a particularly angry cow.

On display at AWCZ Gallery at the Club from 7th September until 29th October 2018. 

For inquiries and private viewings please contact info@fvdb-photography.com



Would love to see you there!

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