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Publication of Hiking Trip in Bergwelten Magazine

Last year I was commissioned to photograph a story about the Hundsteinhütte in Appenzell. Last week it finally got published in the first Swiss edition of Bergwelten Magazine

The magazine, published by RedBull Media House, has a great selection of photographs in each edition which makes getting published in the magazine a great honor for me. 

The story I photographed was a 5 page "Hüttenportrait" written by Stefan Schlögl who accompanied me on this two day trip in the Swiss Alps. We hiked up to the secluded hut and spent the day with Anita and Hans, the couple that run the SAC hut and take care of hikers and climbers that stay over night.

Oh hi! Page 1 of Bergwelten Magazine. 

Oh hi! Page 1 of Bergwelten Magazine. 

I shot over 800 images for this trip - of which only a small selection was published - so I will soon post a few of my personal favorites which didn't make it to press. You can pickup your own copy at any kiosk or check out their website on bergwelten.com

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