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Hello 2017! New Perspectives, New Equipment, New Work.

Take-off into 2017.

Take-off into 2017.

This year will be about going above and beyond - above my own expectations and beyond the limits that I know. To help me in that process, I bought a drone!

You may have seen a sneak peek on Facebook of my amateur flying skills last week. I've since taken my new flying camera out of beginner mode and sent it off into the distance.

Long-range selfies: I'm the little dot on the top of the hill!

Long-range selfies: I'm the little dot on the top of the hill!

The new drone will be used to add new perspectives to my architecture & real estate photography, as well as offer some new looks at the Swiss landscape. I'll also be looking into developing short film projects, but that will be a work in progress.

Here are a few sample shots of the first long range test-flight. I'll be posting a short video sample on the Facebook page this week.  

I'll be posting more of these as they develop, and will be updating with other exciting news soon. I'm also in the process of posting new galleries and new commercial work to my site.

Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by,