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Stories & Stuffings by FVDB. This is a blog about my photography and the adventures I embark on with my camera. 

New Print Shop & Updates

It's not easy to please all, but I've got a nice little mix of some of my favorites in the shop. You can request any other photos you see on my website or other channels by sending an email with link or screenshot to info@fvdb-photography.com. If you want something specific that you don't see, I might have something for you in my library of over 100.000 images (just not Christmasy Zurich). 

Additionally, I'm working on a new Instagram channel, a few media features, more site updates, a possible exhibition, and am working with several new clients. 

Essentially I have a lot of balls rolling, and am hoping they all reach the goal in a firework of exploding to-do lists. I have several stories from this year in the queue, so there will be plenty to see and do!

Oh and I almost forgot, you can sign up for my NEWSLETTER below to get occasional updates, shop discounts, and a story or two to feed your wanderlust. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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