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Alpenträume - Alpine Photography Exhibition



Alpine Photography Exhibition
by Frederik van den Berg

Alpenträume’ is a collection of images found- often unintentionally -while wandering throughout the Alps. The dream (Traum) of an image is usually accompanied by a nightmare (Alptraum) of a quest. Excursions often take hours of walking, weeks of planning, and sometimes years until the right scene reveals itself. They might include falling trees, rockfall, getting lost, and surprisingly often, an encounter with a particularly angry cow.

The exhibition artworks are for sale and can be found in the price list below.

To order a framed print from the exhibition, click on the the product link below or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Custom sizes and unframed prints can be ordered using the form below. All prints are produced on certified archival Hannemühle Fine Art Paper and signed by the photographer.

Photographer contact:
Frederik van den Berg
+41 78 753 2413

Gallery Address & Opening Times:

Gallery at the Club, AWCZ, 
Höschgasse 38, Zürich

07. Sept. - 29. Oct
10:00 to 13:00, Monday through Friday.
Additional viewing hours can be arranged. Please contact or +41 78 753 2413

Pricelist is available as a PDF download

Pricing Structure for Framed Prints:

Pricing Structure for Unframed Prints:

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To order an unframed print, use the form below and select your desired print size. 

All prints are produced on certified archival Hannemühle Fine Art Paper.

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