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FVDB Photography
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Seeking inspiration & adventure in the Alps.

I'm Frederik van den Berg, a photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland.

I provide editorial and commercial photography for a range of clients. My projects have covered outdoor & travel photography, architecture & interiors, product & food, aerial (drone) photography, amongst others.

I'm always looking to explore new avenues, take new adventures, and to discover unique stories to tell. Whether hiking, traveling or lost, I look at the world with a curious eye.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your next big project.
- Frederik van den Berg

Inspired by mountains, fueled by coffee, driven by cheese.

 Selected clients have included:

  • The Observer (The Guardian)

  • Bergwelten Magazin

  • Virtuoso Life Magazine

  • Engel & Voelkers

  • Red Bull Switzerland

  • Tesla Motors Switzerland

  • Graubünden Ferien

  • Savognin Tourismus

  • BrandAffairs

  • WeightWatchers Schweiz

  • MountainVision (Ferienregion Flims Laax Falera)

  • BridgingCultures Relocation GmbH

  • EscapeQuest GmbH

  • Ernst & Young

  • Odlo

  • Getty Images

  • Edelweiss Services GmbH

  • RedBull MediaHouse

  • Tiina Aarnio BackWorks


  • Property One Partners AG

  • Nest Temporary GmbH

  • KölliBeck AG

  • Touristika GmbH

To inquire about a licensing, commissions, or prints please send an e-mail to

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Frederik van den Berg (NL/DE), born 1986 in Hong Kong, focuses on landscapes, faraway lands, and stories of wanderlust. At the ripe age of 8 months old he was relocated for the first time, from Hong Kong to Shrewsbury. Since then he has been moving from one stop to the next. Having grown up in Switzerland, he keeps returning when another episode abroad comes to an end.

Tel. +41 78 753 2413

*Top Photo by Matthew Wright, bottom photo by Mojca Vidmar